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What Lies Above (2004)

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What Lies Above (2004) : Still struggling to accept her fiancé's death in a rock climbing accident, mountain guide DIANA PENNINGTON gratefully accepts industrialist CURT SEAVER's offer to find the body using a new satellite imagery technology his company has developed. But while traversing the legendary "Snowman's Pass" with Curt and his companions HUGO and TYLER, Diana is horrified to discover the search for her fiancé is a decoy; they are in fact hunting for a fallen spy satellite, property of an enemy foreign power. Barely escaping with her life, Diana finds herself pursued through the cold and threatening mountains in a deadly cat and mouse game, with only a backpack full of climbing gear and her instincts to defend herself against the dangerous, and increasingly desperate men.

Released : 08 Nov 2004
Runtime : 96 min
Country : ,
Genres : , ,
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