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The Film Crew Hollywood After Dark (2007)

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The Film Crew Hollywood After Dark (2007) : The Film Crew Hollywood After Dark: Bob Honcho gives the Film Crew the lowly task of providing a commentary track for Walk the Angry Beach (1968), aka Hollywood After Dark, a caper film that makes periodic stops for long scenes of women doing ghastly stripping routines. The female lead is, of all people, Rue McClanahan from "The Golden Girls" (1985). And, yes, she strips. Dark, depressing and dull are the three d-words that best describe this dumb, dismal and dreary (those are the three others) piece of dreck (lucky seven). During the break, Bill Corbett calls a lunch meeting to brainstorm ways of exploiting "core competencies." At the end, the Film Crew is inspired to make a video of Bill getting killed with cotton candy.

Released : July 10, 2007
Runtime : 79 mins
Country :
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