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Project Metalbeast (2005)

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Project Metalbeast (2005) : Project Metalbeast: With the medical breakthrough of a metal-based synthetic skin called "bio-ferron" the prospect for pioneering surgeries for burn victims and cancer patients seems set to occur but for the warped head scientist in charge...it's a opportunist chance to reactivate a long forgotten classified project...that has been left frozen in a set of cryogenic chambers deep beneath the bowels of government laboratory. Convincing the other in the research team to start work on putting this living 'metal' skin on corpses, he now has the perfect test patients waiting on ice for them to work on. But there was a reason three of these stiffs in particular where left to chill. Due to an experiment gone bad these three only look human on the outside and none of them are as dead as everyone believes they are.

Released : May 22, 2005
Runtime : 92 mins
Country :
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